Stool Softener 2 Year Old

Stool Softener 2 Year Old

Stool Softener 2-Year-old

  • Introduction
  • Causes of hard stool
  • Remedies
  • Recommended stool softeners

Constipation can be so agonizing for both child and parent. The tantrums, straining, and wailing combined with potty training processes which most toddlers find difficult makes it a tough experience altogether.

It is usually common for parents to look out for stool softener or solutions for toddler constipation. According to the pediatrician in general, If a child poops less than three times a week, or if their stools are tough, large and hard to pass, then it is possible the child is constipated.

Stool softener, 2-year-old: Before discussing stool softener for a two-year-old, it will be relevant to highlight the causes of constipation.

Stool Softener 2 Year Old
constipation among toddlers

Causes of constipation in two-year-old

  1. Medication: supplements like high-dose iron supplements, or antibiotics can trigger constipation in little ones.
  2. Diet: It is common that many toddlers eat diets high in dairy, processed foods and sweet food, low in fiber and does not contain enough liquid. This will inevitably lead to constipation.
  3. Drinking too much milk and not enough water
  4. Lack of exercise and activities
  5. Withholding stool: Your child may be anxious about potty training: This makes your child afraid to use the restroom or do poo thereby worsening constipation.

Treatment/Stool Softener for two-year-old

  • Water remains the best choice and a high fiber diet: Ensure your child always have a cup of water available and encourage them to drink regularly. To determine whether your child is drinking enough water check that their urine color is light yellow-if not, assist and encourage them.
  • Give your child high-fiber cereals: Whole grain bread and a variety of beans including legumes, like chickpeas and lentils. Kids are often happy to eat trail mix and popcorn (they are good sources of fiber.
  • Yogurt contains probiotic can also promote good digestive health.
Stool Softener 2 Year Old
High fiber food for toddlers

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