Newborn Milia, Milia Causes, Milia Treatment

Newborn Milia, Milia Causes, Milia Treatment

What is newborn milia?

Newborn milia are those very small cysts which appear in clusters on the face of a baby and are yellow and white in colour. Milia are really small and appear to be bump like cysts, can be found under the skin and are up to 1 – 2mm (millimetres).

Milia in a newborn are formed when the skin flakes and a protein gets stuck under the skin. Usually, newborn milia appear on the babyface around the eyelids and cheeks. Milia can usually appear anywhere on the body and can also affect not only newborn but adults also.

Newborn Milia

Milia Causes

What are the causes of milia?

Newborn milia causes include:

The neonatal milia

Neonatal milia are usually seen on face, nose, scalp, inside mouth and upper trunk. Milia can affect about half of newborn and clears away in some weeks.

Neonatal milia are usually mistaken with neonatal acne, but the white bumps vary in different sizes. The neonatal acne are usually covered with redness and milia are similar in sizes and the redness is not there. With milia, it manifests itself right at birth and the neonatal acne will manifest itself at least weeks after the baby is born.

The primary milia

The primary milia are common among adults and kids, and can last for months and can appear without any treatment. The primary milia can appear on eyelids, genitals, forehead and cheeks. And also can be spotted on children just along the nasal crease.

The milia en plaque

Milia en plaque is the clumping together of dozens of milia in broad and flat plaque in the surrounding skin with a clear border. Milia en plaque affect adults (middle-aged women) and kids and are found on eyelids, on the cheek, on the jaw, and behind ears.

The multiple eruptive milia

The multiple eruptive milia are associated with different bumps which appear in one area for months or weeks and may feel itchy around the area and appear of the upper arms, upper trunk and face.

Newborn Milia

The traumatic milia

The traumatic milia which are known as secondary milia and are associated with most injuries on the skin due to burns, blisters, allergic reaction, skin resurfacing procedures, and exposure to sunlight.

The medication milia

The medication milia are usually caused by topical medications like steroid creams, which causes the appearance of milia.

Home remedies of newborn milia

Milia usually disappear in a matter of months, but a few low-risk home milia remedies can clear the skin of milia.

Using a mild soap which helps to prevent skin irritation, wipe, wash or clean the area of milia every day.

Seat with the baby in the bathroom and run some hot water to steam open the pores.

Exfoliate regularly the milia affected area, but avoid over exfoliating to avoid skin irritation.

Sunscreens which high protective are helpful for adults but not for newborn milia.

Try using an extract from cinnamon, honey and rose which contains antibacterial for skin problems, but not a guaranteed treatment for milia.

To avoid infections and scarring, avoid poking or picking of milia.

Milia Treatment

Some medical treatment of milia

Deroofing, this is the process used by doctors to remove milia using sterile needles. Not adviced to be done by own self.

Curettage, with the use of a hot wire, the doctor numbs the affected area and removes milia and then seal back the skin.

Cryotherapy, the process is done using liquid nitrogen by the doctor to freeze the area affected by milia and can cause blisters or swelling which will also disappear.

Minocycline, this is the treatment of certain milia like the milia en plaque using an oral antibiotic.

Most of the above mention treatments have an individual risk, and some risk of scarring, but milia does not cause scarring.

Newborn Milia

Prevention of milia

Newborn milia are not possible to prevent, but milia caused by injuries and other skin infections, require immediate treatment to stop there regrowth.

Things to do

Exfoliate skin regularly
Do not use creams which are thick or oil based
Do not overexpose skin to the sun

Risk Associated with milia

Milia has only a few risks to its name
Milia associated or caused by injury or other conditions should be treated
Correct diagnosis should be carried by your doctor to avoid mistaken milia for comedones, miliaria and other cysts.

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