East Riding of Yorkshire Children’s Day Out

With Much less than 200 days of sunshine a year the UK’s Summer  is an ideal holiday destination for families in East Riding of Yorkshire  who enjoy the outdoor life warm. However for most of us, we make the best out of our British weather regardless of season. Water parks, boat trips, dolphin shows, karting… are just a few of the attractions for children in the UK… what more could you possibly need for an outdoor family holiday?

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Most likely, Plenty of buckets and spades that’s what you will need if you are heading to some of our coastal destination, as the UK’s coastline stretches from end to the Atlantic, featuring long sandy beaches – many beaches of which are supervised and have Blue Flag endorsement.

Britain despite not being an all sunny destination, it is without a doubt one of Europe’s family holiday hotspots so naturally offers lots of things to do on days out with the family, with many fun holiday activities for children of all ages.

And do not just take us for our words, Let’s look at a few attractions in the UK where you can take children for a fun day out.

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Blessed with so many beaches, you might find it hard to decide on the best beach in the UK for children. Try some of these; they are popular beaches in the UK for families and offer watersports facilities


If you’re a nature-loving family, then the Natural Reserves across the UK is for you. Whether It’s a narrow nature park of marshes, salt pans and lagoons between the land and sea that stretches  miles or something along the UK’S coastline it’s all here. Not only is it fantastic for bird watchers, but also for wildlife.

You can explore it by hiking, biking (bike hire available) and horseback, or view it from a boat trip. This is an ideal opportunity to be at one with nature on a relaxing family holiday in the UK.

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In the United Kingdom's capital city there is no shortage of things to do and see. Out of the land of the Britain's comes thousands of years of history, innovation, fairy tales, and entertainment that has influenced much of the world for centuries. London can be both a gritty urban landscape as well as the fabled metropolis of kings and queens. Here is a look at some of the best stops to make on your next trip to London.

Westminster Abbey

An iconic site in London with a long, and sometimes bloody history, the Westminster Abbey is an important stop in London. This medieval church is the burial site of many of history's kings, queens, and other historic figures, including Elizabeth I, Mary Queen of Scots, and the famous poet Geoffrey Chaucer. It has seen the coronation of kings and was the place where Prince William and Kate Middleton were married in 2011. As with most iconic sites, the crowds flock to the abbey so arrive early and prepared to wait in line.

Buckingham Palace

Royalty and Britain go hand in hand so a stop off at the home of the Windsor family is essential to any trip to London. In the summer you can view the stately, royal rooms and see how the King and Queen of England live. The ornate carvings and gilded moldings give you a glimpse of the opulence of the Royal family living quarters. You can view the Throne room or the Royal Ballroom and view the history that these rooms have held for many generations of lords and ladies. Be sure to not miss the Changing of the Guard that is one of the most popular shows to catch as the old and new guards transfer positions in a fascinating procession.

Big Ben

The great bell, clock tower, known as the Elizabeth Tower, is a prominent symbol of the London cityscape. The palace is the location of the United Kingdom's parliament and is generally not open to tourist though it is still visited by millions every year looking for a perfect photo backdrop.

Bond Street

If you are just looking for a casual stroll take the tube (the London subway) to Bond Street. This street has world-class shopping opportunities and was the place where Roosevelt sat with Churchill during WWII. You'll find the famous auction house Sotheby's as well as many other high-end shopping boutiques. Nearby are great art galleries and shops as well.

There are so many things to do and tourist attractions that cater for children under 5 in London. Many of the London museums have exhibits that cater for children under 5 with some exhibits being aimed at toddlers and even babies. London has lots of animal attractions that will appeal to under 5s including zoos, farms and aquariums. There are playgrounds and of course lots of parks. There's soft play and gardens to explore. The list is endless. I have taken my 2 year old son on several days out in the capital city and tried and tested many of the tourist attractions. There is lots to see and do and much of what is available is very cheap or even free. Read on to discover my top 5 suggestions of things to do for the under 5s in the London.

The best playground - Diana's Memorial Playground

Diana's Memorial Playground is great for under 5s. The main attraction is a massive pirate ship which is surrounded by a large sand pit where little ones can spend hours building sandcastles and playing in the sand. There are the traditional parts of the playground including swings and slides. There is a sensory trail with huge paving stones and when you jump on them they make different sounds. There's teepees and various toys and play sculptures. There's a cafe and lots of seating for the adults too. Best of all it's free.

The best soft play - Gambado

Gambado is the ultimate in soft play and is great for younger children as the adults are allowed to accompany them on the play equipment. There are soft play areas dedicated to the under 3s but they can also go on the big play frames which have fantastic slides. There are also bumper cars and a carousel. There are branches in Chelsea, Watford and Beckenham in Kent. The downside is it can be pricey but if you're looking for a special treat it is a great place to go for indoor play.

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